Senior Leadership Group

Nick Robinson

Executive Principal

Our vision is to create a school that relentlessly focuses on helping every student meet their potential in order to open up a lifetime of opportunities. Since opening in February 2020, Trinity Academy’s staff and students have risen to this challenge and are already turning our vision into a reality.

We are committed to making Trinity Academy Bradford an outstanding school for the local community. Our focus on outstanding teaching, meaningful pastoral care and a creative curriculum means that every student thrives. We work hard to develop curiosity, a love of learning, resilience and kindness in our students. We invest heavily in our staff, students and facilities to ensure that the children who attend Trinity Academy Bradford receive the best possible educational experience and opportunities during their time here.

Nic Underhill

Assistant Principal

At Trinity Academy Bradford, we believe that education should continue outside of the walls of the classroom.

My role is to lead Personal Development, meaning I get to look at all the different ways that we can provide our students with a rich range of opportunities to expand their experiences outside the classroom, involving extra-curricular opportunities, Phase 1 Graduation, and much more. We also believe that all students should have an equal and fair access to education. I am responsible for ensuring that we use our Pupil Premium funding to ensure that all students, including our disadvantaged students, make rapid progress and that any barriers to learning are removed to them. Finally, I work with our Data and Exams team to ensure we are providing all the support that exams classes need to succeed, and that we’re reacting to what the data tells us about where students need to improve.

Esther Waters

Assistant Principal

Here at Trinity, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students receive the highest quality of education possible. My role is to lead Teaching and Learning across the academy to ensure that this commitment is fulfilled.

It is vital that we create a culture of continuous improvement for all. Through our internal processes, we are constantly reflecting on our practice to develop our staff and equip them with the skills they need to facilitate the highest standard of learning. This involves working with our Teaching and Learning team to implement the latest strategies, working with Curriculum Leaders to support the implementation of the curriculum and developing new practitioners to be the best teachers that they can be.

Chris Langley

Assistant Principal

It is essential that every child feels safe and supported when attending school in order to achieve their full potential. At Trinity Academy Bradford, it is our priority to ensure that our students fully participate and benefit from our successful learning environment. As such, we expect all students to display outstanding behaviour and a positive attitude towards all staff, students and the wider community.

My role as Assistant Principal is to work with the academy’s extensive pastoral team to ensure all students are effectively monitored through Behaviour for Learning, safeguarding and child protection systems. We endeavour to maintain high levels of student attendance by consistently rewarding students who meet or exceed our expectations and promote the school's core values. It is the role of my team to challenge student’s expectations of themselves and to take the necessary actions to ensure positive changes learnt by students become a habit.

We will ensure that our systems remain inclusive and focus on the personal development of all our students to achieve the maximum possible, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, special educational need or social challenges.

Graham Waters

Assistant Principal

Enabling students to access a broad, balanced and rich curriculum, which opens doors to further opportunities, is a key part of my role as Assistant Principal. I work closely with staff at Trinity Academy Halifax, to ensure our Curriculum is aligned with theirs, and that all students are able to access a knowledge rich curriculum that prepares them for life after the academy.

I am proud to work with our talented middle leadership team to shape the content and sequencing of the experience of students in the classroom. I ensure that the progress of students is monitored closely and work with a wider team to facilitate appropriate interventions.

We are also committed to providing all of our students with a high standard of Careers Information, Advice and Guidance, and through leading on careers at Trinity Academy Bradford, I am committed to expanding the opportunities that our students have to experience work place information and experiences.

Liam Dyson

Strategic Pastoral Leader

All Trinity schools place a high value on the importance of outstanding pastoral support, and I am proud to lead the team at Trinity Academy Bradford.

I am resolute in my belief that education beyond the classroom can transform pupils’ life chances and, in turn, allow them to progress and flourish in society. By working closely with the Year Manager team, I can ensure that all students are supported to fully engage with academy life. I also lead the Student Well-being and Attendance teams. Together, our teams work to remove all barriers to learning that a student might experience, and place a strong emphasis on building, developing, and maintaining positive relationships with all young people, so that they can thrive in our academy environment.

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