Working From Home Guidance

This online platform, accessible via Sharepoint, contains pre-recorded materials made by subject teachers to ensure that home learning is as engaging, purposeful and accessible as possible. Students will follow their timetable as normal and select the lessons relevant to their academy day. The video format will enable students to watch the lesson content at their own pace with the benefit of clear verbal instructions from teachers.

Having followed each sequence of lessons, it is an expectation that students submit a weekly activity for each of their written subject areas. This includes: English, Maths, History, Geography, MFL, RS and Science. Each final activity will be completed on Microsoft Forms and automatically submitted to subject teachers directly for feedback. These online forms are saved in each subject area’s folder on the Trinity TV section of SharePoint. Please see the instructions below regarding how all resources are accessed, which students are familiar with. All teachers remain contactable through their school email address, if a student requires any additional help.

Resources for accessing students’ Science work are available by logging into their student Educake account:

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