We are now on a journey to being able to provide students who attend Trinity Academy Bradford with an educational experience they deserve. Many things will need to change over the coming weeks/months to improve standards at every level. Please bear with us as we work to establish a firm foundation to work from; a foundation that will underpin everything we do as a Trinity Trust academy.

Parents will probably have numerous questions about how joining the Trinity Trust may affect their child’s educational future.  We have tried to answer what we believe will be the most frequently asked questions below. If however, you have any other queries, please contact us.

Why has the school name changed?

While recognising that each school is a unique part of its local community, with a distinct character and culture, all our academies are brought together under the Trinity MAT name.

By including ‘Trinity Academy’ in all our academies’ names, we are communicating that we are a family of schools who work together with the shared aim that all the young people in our care fulfil their potential. From February 2021 the school name changed to Trinity Academy Bradford.

The academy uniform will change for all students in September 2021. Further information will follow in the coming weeks.

Whilst at present nothing can be said for certain, supporting our families through these changes will be one of our priorities. We will be contacting all parents regarding uniform changes in the coming weeks.

The new uniform should be worn from September 2021.

Trinity Multi-Academy Trust we are committed to offering the right levels and balance of challenge and support for each and every young person. We recognise that each young person is different and that as a parent/carer you need to know that the needs of your child can be supported both academically and pastorally. We have a committed team of teachers and support staff who will ensure that this is the case, however we encourage you to get in touch with us for a personal conversation with a member of our team about your child’s specific needs and interests. Please do not hesitate to email us, leave a contact number and we will get back to you shortly.

At all Trinity MAT schools we offer an extensive extra-curricular programme Involve will ensure that a diverse and exciting range of opportunities are available for your child, these will include STEM, Debate, Sports, Photography, Creative Writing and many more. Watch out for further information on the programme.

During the short time that Trinity Academy Bradford has been part of Trinity Multi Academy Trust we have been working on how best we can improve the physical environment for our students and staff. Numerous refurbishments have already started and further improvements will be made in the coming months. Our vision is to ensure that the students have the very best learning environment that will allow them to thrive and achieve their potential.

In the coming weeks numerous systems will be put in place that have been successful in our other Trust schools. One of those is our Behaviour for Learning Policy (BfL). The policy makes clear that disruption to learning of any kind will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by a team of non-teaching staff who support classroom management. The academy has incredibly high expectations of its students and all students will follow a number of ‘Trinity Absolutes’. Simple systems and procedures will be followed by all staff, and students will be expected to follow them at all times.

All students will be expected to complete homework tasks in all subjects on a regular basis. The amount of work that is set will vary on the year group the student is in. It is expected that in Phase 1 (Year 7/8) students will complete 30 minutes of homework per subject, per week. In Phase 2 (Year 9) and Phase 3 (Year 10/11) students will be expected to complete up to one hour of homework per subject, per week. Failure to complete any homework task to a satisfactory standard will result in a detention being set.

From September, Trinity Academy Bradford will move towards the same curriculum model used by Trinity Academy Halifax. This gives students access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Students will make subject choices at the end of Year 8, however, they will continue to study all subjects in Year 9 with their choices being studied in more depth. This allows all students to complete all aspects of the national curriculum and what we call ‘national curriculum plus’. Students will then make their GCSE option choices during Year 9 and complete a two-year course.

Being part of a Trust allows resources and subject expertise to be shared across academies. As a result, it will be necessary for some exam boards and subject content to be changed. We will communicate this to all students and parents/carers nearer the time.

BTEC courses will be available as part of the curriculum model for students in Year 10 and Year 11.

The Graduation programme has been one our most successful initiatives over the course of the last five years and has helped to prepare our younger students for the challenges that lie ahead. As our core systems are implemented and embedded, we will look to introduce wider initiatives such as Graduation.

At present, Trinity Academy Bradford does not have a religious denomination. We do however have a set of core values that underpin everything we do at the academy – Empathy, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. Students will be expected to demonstrate these during their time at the academy and potentially in the future join us in a period of daily reflection.

At present there are no plans to reduce the academy Published Admission Number (PAN).


The current unprecedented circumstances are a challenge for all students, and some will not attain the grades that they need to go on to study at Trinity 6th Form Academy, or other educational institutions. For further details on entry requirements please contact Trinity 6th Form Academy admissions team directly, who will be able to talk through your child’s options.

Students will not be specifically reassessed for ability groupings upon their return. Instead, data will be used from our assessment windows to assess whether or not students are in the correct groups. Where changes are necessary, these will be communicated to parents/carers and students.

Trinity Multi Academy Trust has undertaken a robust COVID-19 risk assessment of Trinity Academy Bradford. A range of measures have been put in place to ensure the environment is COVID secure. Upon their return students will no longer be taught in one classroom for the duration of the day. Instead, students will move around the building in a normal manner. All students will be expected to wear a face covering during this movement, sanitise their hands upon entry and exit from a classroom, and wipe down any surfaces that they use with antibacterial wipes. These measures will allow students to experience as close to a normal day as possible under the current circumstances. Break times will continue to be held, one year group at a time. Lunch will take place with two year groups at the same time, however they will be segregated.

Having a robust risk assessment in place, as well as a range of COVID-19 measures, will allow students to be taught in their normal classes based on their ability.


Trinity Multi Academy Trust is extremely proud of its extra-curricular sporting offer. Not only is participation a priority but competing against other schools locally, regionally and nationally helps develop students’ self-confidence and sporting ability. Once restrictions are lifted, Trinity Academy Bradford will look to develop links with other schools and develop a competitive sporting programme for all students.

At Trinity Academy Halifax, we have successfully developed rugby and netball academies. As further developments take place, we will look to create similar programmes which make sport a central point of the academy.

At present, educational visits of any kind are not possible due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Once restrictions are lifted, we will be developing and planning a number of new experiences for students to take part in.

We have already started to make physical improvements to the building that students will immediately benefit from. Once our systems and processes are introduced, improvements to the quality of education and student behaviour will quickly be evident. Our record in other schools shows that student performance improves quickly, and we expect the same to happen at Trinity Academy Bradford.

Within the Trinity Multi Academy Trust we use a phrase; ‘when we say it, we really mean it’. Trinity Multi Academy Trust has taken on schools in similar situations to Trinity Academy Bradford and has turned them round. Trinity Academy Cathedral was recently voted by the Times Educational Supplement (TES) as the ‘School of the Year’ and Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge was in top 0.5% of improved schools for 2019. Both schools were struggling when they joined the Trust and have gone from strength to strength. Trinity Academy Bradford will be closely aligned with Trinity Academy Halifax and will benefit from the knowledge, expertise and resources that have seen it recently awarded ‘World Class’ school status. The Trust has also recently had three successful free school applications, which will see the opening of three more secondary schools across the Yorkshire region over the next two years. This is a clear sign that the Trust has a proven track recorded of doing what it says it is going to do – improve the life chances of all the students within its schools.

Trinity Academy Bradford will use the Trust Behaviour for Learning policy. Same day detentions are part of this policy, as too are the two-hour detentions. Further information will be communicated to students and parents/carers near the time.

At this stage there are no plans to make this change for this academic year. Bringing Year 6 to Trinity Academy Halifax early has significantly improved the transition process and allows students to settle quickly. We will be looking into the possibility of introducing this in future in consultation with our partner and local primary schools.

School holidays are published one academic year in advance in order to give families time to plan. Over the course of the coming months, we will be reviewing our holiday pattern for the upcoming academic years, with a view to aligning holidays with other Trust schools.

At this stage no decision has been made regarding the use of Fair Banding at Trinity Academy Bradford, however the admissions criteria will be reviewed in the coming months.

We are currently reviewing the structure of the academy day, including both start and finish times. Any changes must go through a period of consultation. When we are in a position to communicate further with parents/carers, we will do so.