Summer School Report

Almost 100 of our new Year 7 cohort attended Summer School during the first week of the school holidays in July 2021. The students had a wonderful time taking part in a mixture of academic and creative subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Performing Arts, Geography, History, Art, PE, and IT.

A daily morning assembly taken by a different Senior Leader each day looked at various aspects of academy life, providing students with vital information while helping them get to know some familiar faces.

Lunchtimes included structured play, when students were encouraged to participate in a range of board games, chess and cards, as a fantastic way of making new friends. At the end of the week, these games were given to the students as rewards for their attendance. Every student received a free book giving them top tips on settling into secondary school. Students were also given a blazer and tie from the academy in celebration of their attendance.

The week was capped off with a brilliant Sports Day and a picnic on the field, which culminated in a rewards ceremony to celebrate individual and group achievements.

Sadly a number of students were not able to attend due to numerous local primary school ‘bubbles’ closing just before Summer School commenced. But, they didn’t miss out completely; these students were invited to a special day at the end of summer where they were shown around the academy, took part in activities, met key members of staff, and were given the blazer and tie that they should have received at Summer School.

We are incredibly proud of how well students engaged with the activities during Summer School, as well as those attending the additional day event, and of what each of them achieved. Well done all!

Financial Summary

Total students attending 93
Total number invited 191
Total Income £23,760.60
Staffing Costs £14,953.55
Resources £8,807.05
Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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