Every Individual; Every Opportunity

At Trinity Academy Bradford, we open doors, and keep them open. We aim to develop resilient, independent students, who have a thirst for learning and new opportunities. We do this by delivering an ambitious and rich curriculum alongside a comprehensive personal development curriculum, combined with highly effective pastoral support and high expectations of all.

Our vision is to create a school that relentlessly focuses on helping every student meet their potential in order to open up a lifetime of opportunities.

At Trinity Academy Bradford our vision is simple, yet clear - to provide our students with an outstanding education and experiences that will give them the platform to go on to achieve their potential and beyond. Our core values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility run through everything that we do. Our staff are committed to getting the basics right and as a consequence students benefit from an educational environment focused on meeting the needs of everyone. Our goal is to help to develop well rounded individuals who understand that personal development is just as important as academic achievement.

Central to achieving our vision is a drive to deliver outstanding teaching, highly effective pastoral support and a balanced and rich curriculum. Creating a learning environment that students can thrive in regardless of their starting point is essential to us achieving our goals. We have the highest of expectations of our students and also set the highest of standards regarding student conduct and behaviour. When students understand the value of high expectations and personal standards, they will succeed both in their academic and personal development.

As well as creating an environment that is conducive to outstanding learning, we are committed to offering a wide range of experiences that broaden students’ horizons. There is an extensive range of co-curricular activities on offer to students and our intention is that these will grow further so that there is something every student can be involved in.

At the heart of our academy are our ‘Culture Pillars’ – Accepting Excellence; Highly Professional Environment; Positive Student Awareness; Reflective Practice and Safeguarding. Staff work hard to ensure that they meet these on a daily basis with the purpose of delivering the very best educational experience for our students.

Since opening in February 2021, Trinity Academy Bradford’s staff and students have risen to the challenges they have been set and are already turning our vision into a reality.

Tom Taylor

Ofsted Good Provider
Trinity Scholars

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