The Trinity Academy Bradford Parent Committee

The Parent Committee at Trinity Academy Bradford works in partnership with the academy to enhance the educational experiences and the wellbeing of our students.

The Parent Committee meets at regular intervals throughout the academy year and is chaired by the Senior Leadership team. It is a fantastic opportunity to bridge the gap between the academy and the wider community, by introducing and discussing key policies and initiatives in a professional forum.

An agenda is shared with committee members in advance and, in line with its inclusive approach, a Microsoft Form is communicated electronically to allow parents and carers to feed back any items they would like discussed at the meeting, before it takes place. Following all submissions, an appropriate agenda will be agreed. This will support the committee in being representative of parents and carers in the community. 

What is the difference between a Parent Committee and a Governing body?

The Governing body supports the strategic leadership and direction of the academy.

Governors drive academy improvement through supporting and challenging the leadership team and contributing to the changes made. This ensures that the academy’s approach to education is as robust and rigorous as possible, maximising students’ educational experience and outcomes. 

The Parent Committee is less formal and more advisory in nature. Involvement in such a group therefore requires a lesser commitment to being an academy governor. There are no set expectations regarding what any contributions should look like and there will be opportunities each year for a change in members to ensure that as many parents/carers as we can facilitate are involved.

The Parent Committee plays a key role in supporting the academy to provide the very best education for our students.

Parent Committee Meetings

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