Trinity TV

Trinity TV is home to hundreds of lessons available to access on demand. The lessons have been made by the teachers at Trinity to ensure that students do not miss out on vital learning that would normally take place in the classroom. Students can study a range of subjects across all year groups with expert input from our dedicated staff. Students can follow their timetable with confidence that they are not falling behind whilst being off school. Our online provision has been enhanced in certain subject areas with support from external companies. In Science, Educake is used to test students after they have watched the Science lesson and our Maths team use the excellent resources produced by White Rose Maths. The videos have been designed so that students can take away the key information from each lesson. The videos can be accessed at any time by students. The videos can be paused, restarted and downloaded to ensure that the learning is flexible for students.

Once a student has completed a lesson on Trinity TV, they should then complete the questions that are set via the Microsoft Forms link. These Forms are saved as URL web links within each subject weekly folder and will provide teachers with student work instantly. This will allow the teacher to prepare feedback and guidance for students in the following lessons.

 How Trinity TV works

  • Students log onto Trinity TV via the school website/SharePoint
  • Students select the relevant Year Group
  • Students select the subject to study
  • Students watch the uploaded video, pausing throughout to complete any tasks set by the teacher
  • How students submit their work will vary dependent on whether they’re doing remote learning as part of an isolated period, or a wider school closure. Where students are not in school, they should email their work to their class teacher for feedback. Should students be at home as part of a wider school closure, then a different system will be used. Students should then complete the Microsoft Forms question located within the same folder. This will go through to their teachers who will use the answers to inform the next video.

Should a student encounter any issues, they should email their teachers who will offer further support. Trinity TV has been designed to ensure that students receive the highest quality of education whilst not being able to attend the academy.

Please view the video below for instructions on how to access the Trinity TV Live sessions.

Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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