Student Leaders

Our core values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility underpin our Student Committee process. Students have regular opportunities to shape life at the academy. Each tutor group elects a representative that sits on the year group committee. We then have a whole school committee which has representatives from each year group. This gives all of our students an opportunity to give ideas and feedback on life in school, and offers leadership opportunities to students from all year groups.

Student Prefects

In Phase 3, our Head Boy and Head Girl embody our core values and these high-profile positions allow them to work with our student body in order to create well-rounded students who have a strong moral purpose and a life-long thirst for learning.

All prefects have designated roles within school linked to their allocated committees. Alongside these roles, prefects also take responsibility for fund raising, policy discussions, supporting and organising events and leading a behaviour duty to support professional conduct and the display of the core values within the academy.

The Student Prefect Committees include:

Student Support Leaders – These students mentor lower school students through Year 7 and 8 to ensure they achieve graduation, alongside being available for drop-in sessions to support other students within the academy.

Student Voice Leaders – These students are responsible for collating students’ requests and suggestions, alongside discussing and planning tutor sessions. These students also take a lead on all dedicated public speaking opportunities

Community Leaders – These students research, promote and plan events aimed at supporting local community groups and charities.

Events Committee – These students organise and plan not only the Year 11 Prom but discuss and plan key events both in and outside of the academy.

Each of these groups will be led by a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl who are responsible for leading their team meetings and attending whole academy student leadership meetings.

Meet our Student Prefect Committee 2023 / 2024

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