Curriculum Overview - Phase 2

Students have a 25 hour week and study a mixture of maths, English, science, MFL (Spanish), geography, history, RS, art, performing arts, music, technology, computing and PE.

In Year 9, students are able to personalise elements of their curriculum:

  • Humanities – students opt to have 2 lessons per week of either history or geography. They have 1 hour per week of the other subject.
  • Option – students are able to choose from a range of creative qualifications which they will complete in years 9 and 10. Further information on the qualifications can be found on the ‘Curriculum subjects’ pages.
  • Creative carousel – to complement their creative qualification, students will study three additional creative subjects on a rotation. These are:
    • Art
    • Music
    • Performing Arts
    • Technology
  • Students who have difficulty in accessing the English and maths curriculum attend English support classes in place of MFL and additional history/geography lessons. For more information on this provision please see the separate ‘Student support’ tab.

Phase 2 Curriculum Model:

  Non-Enrich Enrich
Maths 4 4
English 5 5
Science 5 5
PE 1 1
RS 1 1
History/Geography (1st choice) 2 2
History/Geography (2nd choice) 1 0
MFL 1 0
Computing 2 2
Option 2 2
Creative Carousel 1 1
Enrich 0 2
Total hours 25 25
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