Curriculum Overview - Phase Two

Students have a 25-hour week and study a mixture of maths, English, science, MFL (Spanish), geography, history, RS, art, performing arts, music, technology, computing and PE.

In Year 9, students are able to personalise elements of their curriculum:

  • Humanities – students opt to have 2 lessons per week of either history or geography. They have 1 hour per week of the other subject.
  • Option – students are able to choose from a range of creative qualifications which they will complete in Years 9 and 10. Further information on the qualifications can be found on the ‘Curriculum Subjects’ pages.
  • Creative Carousel – to complement their creative qualification, students will study three additional creative subjects on a rotation. These are:
    • Art
    • Music
    • Performing Arts
    • Technology
    • Food
  • All students will study Personal Development as part of the rotation of supporting the Duke of Edinburgh Award that all Year 9 students complete.
  • Students who have difficulty in accessing the English and maths curriculum attend English support classes in place of MFL. For more information on this provision please see the separate ‘Student Support’ tab.

Phase Two Curriculum Model:

Maths 4
English 5
Science 5
PE 1
RS 1
History/Geography (1st choice) 2
History/Geography (2nd choice) 1
Computing 1
Option 2
Creative Carousel 1
Total hours 25
Ofsted Good Provider
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