Senior Leadership Team

Tom Taylor


Our vision is to create a school that relentlessly focuses on helping every student meet their potential in order to open up a lifetime of opportunities.

At Trinity Academy Bradford our vision is simple, yet clear - to provide our students with an outstanding education and experiences that will give them the platform to go on to achieve their potential and beyond. Our core values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility run through everything that we do. Our staff are committed to getting the basics right and as a consequence students benefit from an educational environment focused on meeting the needs of everyone. Our goal is to help to develop well rounded individuals who understand that personal development is just as important as academic achievement.

Central to achieving our vision is a drive to deliver outstanding teaching, highly effective pastoral support and a balanced and rich curriculum. Creating a learning environment that students can thrive in regardless of their starting point is essential to us achieving our goals. We have the highest of expectations of our students and also set the highest of standards regarding student conduct and behaviour. When students understand the value of high expectations and personal standards, they will succeed both in their academic and personal development.

As well as creating an environment that is conducive to outstanding learning, we are committed to offering a wide range of experiences that broaden students’ horizons. There is an extensive range of co-curricular activities on offer to students and our intention is that these will grow further so that there is something every student can be involved in.

At the heart of our academy are our ‘Culture Pillars’ – Accepting Excellence; Highly Professional Environment; Positive Student Awareness; Reflective Practice and Safeguarding. Staff work hard to ensure that they meet these on a daily basis with the purpose of delivering the very best educational experience for our students.

Since opening in February 2021, Trinity Academy Bradford’s staff and students have risen to the challenges they have been set and are already turning our vision into a reality.

Tom Taylor

Clare McQueen

Vice Principal

Securing excellence in teaching, learning and achievement should lie at the heart of every school’s priorities.

Securing excellence in teaching, learning and achievement should lie at the heart of every school’s priorities. Here at Trinity, we don’t stand still. We continue to focus on how we can hone and develop our craft for the benefit of our students, supporting the academy’s ethos of ongoing professional development and reflection, immersing ourselves in the fast-paced, dynamic nature of education.

My role involves strategically leading a team of outstanding practitioners to ensure that staff are supported in their delivery of ‘Quality First’ teaching, providing varied opportunities for continual professional development for staff at all levels. This includes bespoke, enhanced workshops for trainee teachers and those who are in their early stages of the profession.

I am proud to work with a team of dedicated practitioners who strive to ensure that all students have access to 'world-class' provision, day-in, day-out. Through this drive and passion, we ensure that all lessons are consistently delivered to the highest standard possible, fostering and developing a positive climate for learning which ultimately leads to strong outcomes for our students, opening doors to bright futures.

Chris Langley

Assistant Principal

It is essential that every child feels safe and supported when attending school in order to achieve their full potential. At Trinity Academy Bradford, it is our priority to ensure that our students fully participate and benefit from our successful learning environment. As such, we expect all students to display outstanding behaviour and a positive attitude towards all staff, students and the wider community.

My role as Assistant Principal is to work with the academy’s extensive pastoral team to ensure all students are effectively monitored through Behaviour for Learning, safeguarding and child protection systems. We endeavour to maintain high levels of student attendance by consistently rewarding students who meet or exceed our expectations and promote the school's core values. It is the role of my team to challenge students' expectations of themselves and to take the necessary actions to ensure positive changes learnt by students become a habit.

We will ensure that our systems remain inclusive and focus on the personal development of all our students to achieve the maximum possible, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, special educational need or social challenges.

Liam Dyson

Assistant Principal

All Trinity schools place a high value on the importance of outstanding pastoral support, and I am proud to lead the team at Trinity Academy Bradford.

I am resolute in my belief that education beyond the classroom can transform a student’s life chances and, in turn, allow them to progress and flourish in society. By working closely with our safeguarding, wellbeing and therapeutic teams, I can ensure that all students are best supported and provided with the right tools to fully engage with academy life. Together, our teams work to remove all barriers to learning that a student might experience, and place a strong emphasis on building, developing, and maintaining positive relationships with all young people, so that they can thrive in our academy environment.

It is also my pleasure to lead our Year 11 students through their final year of education ensuring that they receive the highest level of challenge, support and guidance so they are able to achieve their goals, develop their readiness for life after Trinity Academy Bradford and to having high aspirations for their futures.

Lizzie Harwood

Assistant Principal

Here at Trinity Academy Bradford, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students receive a world class education.

Here at Trinity Academy Bradford, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students receive a world class education. In my role, I lead on a variety of aspects of Teaching and Learning across the academy to ensure that this vision is achieved. We believe in creating a culture of continuous improvement for all. We are continuously reflecting on our practice, informed by our internal processes, to develop staff at every level and equip them with the skills they need to facilitate the highest standard of learning. We support the development of teachers who are new to the profession, as well as Curriculum Leaders and Senior Leaders on their continuing journey of improvement. I work closely with our Teaching and Learning Team to research and implement the latest strategies and evaluate their success in the classroom.

James Hunter

Assistant Principal

Here at Trinity Academy Bradford, we offer our students a broad curriculum which opens doors for them. It is very rewarding to know that the work I do gives our students the competitive edge when taking next steps towards their future.

My role is to support the Assistant Principals and Curriculum Leaders in delivering a broad and aspirational curriculum and ensure that all of our students make excellent progress. As a Maths teacher at heart, I have a love of numbers and patterns. Therefore, I also get to work with and perform analysis of all different types of data to identify potential areas we can improve on. I am incredibly proud to be part of such a fantastic academy and feel privileged to work with a team of staff who put the student's best interests at the heart of everything we do.

Nic Underhill

Assistant Principal

We want Trinity Academy Bradford students to leave us at the end of Year 11 prepared in every way for the world that waits for them.

We want Trinity Academy Bradford students to leave us at the end of Year 11 prepared in every way for the world that waits for them. Our mission is ‘Actions that open doors, consistency that keeps them open’ and our ethos is ‘Every Individual; Every Opportunity’, and these underpin our Personal Development curriculum.

My role is to lead Personal Development. We provide our students with a rich range of opportunities to expand their experiences outside the classroom, involving co-curricular opportunities; our Phase journey, our careers programme, guest speakers and trips and much more.

We believe that all students should have an equal and fair access to education. Part of my role is for ensuring that we use our Pupil Premium funding to ensure that all students, including our disadvantaged students, make rapid progress and that any barriers to learning are removed to them.
Finally, I support our Phase One Leader to ensure that our Transition package from Year 6 – Year 7 ensures that all students are confident about making the big step to secondary school, and that each of them is ‘Trinity Ready’.

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