Trinity MAT Earthshot was launched, by our students, to over 700 staff on the 28 February 2022. The inspiration for this initiative came from President John F. Kennedy’s famous Moonshot speech and the Earthshot Prize Giving event, headed by HRH Prince William.

As Sir David Attenborough said: “If working apart, we are a force powerful enough to destabilise our planet, surely working together, we are powerful enough to save it.”

Our planet is in crisis, our students and staff understand this so we are standing up, speaking out and committed to making a difference.

Five pledges were decided upon by 700 staff that work within the Trust.


Our 5 Trinity MAT Pledges

Ensure all school waste is reused or recycled

We will build a waste-free world by ensuring all school waste is reused or recycled.

Decrease the number of staff and pupils opting for meat dishes

We will protect nature by decreasing the number of staff and pupils opting for meat dishes.

Incentivise staff to buy electric vehicles

We will clean our air by incentivising the buying of an electric vehicle for all staff.

Remove all single-use plastic

We will revive our oceans by eradicating all single-use plastic within Trinity MAT.

Achieve Green Flag Accreditation and plant 52 trees

We will fix our climate by achieving Eco-Schools Green Flag Accreditation and will plant an oak tree in each city of England.

Earthshot Eco-Committees

Meet the members

We are a group of 10 students and 10 staff who are committed to upholding the 5 Trinity MAT pledges. We want to preserve the environment to allow future generations to thrive in our community and beyond.

Student members: Pheobe, Emily, Jacob, Finlay, Din Yan, Jayni, Izzy, Cadeyrn, Benjamin, Aaran

Staff Ambassadors and Governors: Miss C Tetlow, Mr D Farrar, Mr G Preston, Mr J Duffy, Mr M Relton, Ms N Underhill, Miss Z Farrar

Oak Tree Planting

On Earth Day, 22 April 2022, each of our ten academies and central services team planted an oak tree on their grounds to launch Trinity MAT Earthshot and our Trust’s journey to repair the planet over the next decade.
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