Health and Social Care

Why is the subject important?

Approximately 3 million people in the UK work in health and social care. 7 million are an informal carer that is equivalent to 1 in every 10 people. Demand for both health and social care is likely to continue to rise due to the ageing population, so it is sure to continue to play a key role in UK society. By 2030 the number of formal carers will increase to 3.4 million (60%); 3 in 5 of us will be a carer at some point and 1 in 4 of us are caring for someone with mental health issues. There are approximately 500,000 young carers aged 16-25. Ref Carers Trust 2019.

The demand for people to fill these vital jobs will continue to increase. This course will help learners to develop key transferable skills and knowledge relevant to the health and social care sector.

BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care

What will I be studying?

Component 1: Human Lifespan and Development

Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values

Component 3: Health and Well Being

How will I be assessed?

  1. Human Lifespan Development (30% of course total) Internal/ Coursework
  2. Health and Social Care Services and Values (30% of course total) Internal/ Coursework
  3. Health and Wellbeing (40% of course total) Synoptic External/ 2 hour written examination.

Which examination board am I following?

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

Specification: BTEC Tech Award Level 1, Level 2 in Health & Social Care


Which websites should I use to support my learning?

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