Why is the subject important?

Nurture is all about improving those important literacy skills through a range of different topics, with a focus on improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. It is also about learning the skills you will need to be more confident and effective in all of your lessons. You will need to be ready and well-prepared for the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills you will need in later years. We all have different strengths and weaknesses.  It is important to identify those literacy and learning skills you are less confident with and then help you to fill the gaps and clear up any misunderstandings.

Year 7 Nurture

Our Nurture curriculum allows students to participate in six additional literacy lessons per week, as well as one bespoke humanities lesson. Nurture is designed to support those students who require additional support in acquiring vital reading and comprehension skills, and who may need support in building their stamina for classroom expectations. Opportunities for small group and 1:1 reading are supplemented by topic based lessons which allow students to build their confidence in reading aloud, discussing their learning, and presenting their ideas to the group. In addition, students who follow the Nurture pathway are taught Maths, English and Science in small groups, to allow students to revise and over-learn key topic areas. Students who follow the Nurture Pathway in Year 7 do not participate in Spanish lessons and follow a smaller, bespoke Humanities Curriculum.

The Platinum Reading Pathway is designed to support those students who require additional support with reading and comprehension skills. Opportunities for 1:1 reading are supplemented by class reading in small groups, as well as support with understanding grammatical and spelling rules. Students who follow the Platinum Reading Pathway do not participate in Spanish lessons and take part in just one less Humanities lesson per week.

Year 9 students who follow the Extra English Pathway take part in two extra English skills lessons per week, instead of languages. In these lessons, students are supported to develop their stamina for creative and persuasive writing, as well as additional comprehension support. Taught by a member of the English curriculum team, these lessons allow students to read for meaning, identifying devices which are used by the writer, and finding meaning in specific language choices. These lessons provide a firm foundation in readiness to study texts in KS4.

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